Shipping With Us

Worried about how you will get your ordered items? Well, don't be anymore. We are shipping directly to your doorstep in whichever country you are in around the golbe. We are partnerd with the two most trusted courier service providers , i.e. FedEx & DHL and take full care in deliverying your order safely to you. 

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges To Countries of USA, Canada & European Countries: 

The charges to these countries are approximately 6% to 8% of order value. For Example if you are purchasing jewelries worth 1000 USD, then shipping charge will be in the range of 60 USD  to 80 USD*.

Shipping Charges To Countries In Africa, Asia And Australia:

The charges to these countries are approximately 6% to 9% of Order Value. For Example if you are purchasing Goods worth 1000 USD, then shipping cost should be in the range of 90 USD  to 120 USD*.

Shipping Charges Within India: 

Shipping withing India is approximately INR 90 per kg. Jewellery worth approximately INR 3000 fits in a 1 kg box*. 

(*But please note this is an approximate calculation. Shipping charges may vary depending on what type of Jewellery you are Ordering. We will provide you with the actual Shipping Cost once we have received your order.)