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About Us

The company was founded with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and the western world . We started with a fairly small stock of 1000 designs all of which spoke for themselves the tales of excellence of handicraft of India.

After the initial years of struggle to have  a stand in the already crowded jewelry field was difficult. One can only stand out in an over crowded field is possible by two ways .

1. Either stand out with a very unique factor that no one has ,

2. Be the leader of that field. We chose to be both.

We started with introducing the best in class jewelry with the perfection of original diamond jewelry in the market.  And in just 2 years we were competing with the biggest names in the jewelry wholesale market and in another 3 years we were counted in the top 5 companies that had the largest shares in the worldwide jewelry market.

Presently Indian Jewelry is catering to more than 60 countries and more than 30 well known jewelry brands worldwide.

We are known to have the largest stock of 7000+ ready designs and add at least 200 designs each month and also known for the quality that never gets compromised with us. The jewelries are studded with AAA quality start cut cubic zircons by diamond setting or prong setting and later are plated with 24 ct gold and high quality rhodium. We were among the very first manufacturers to introduce PU plating in jewelries which is usually found on your cars and other appliances like your fridge. In this type of plating the surface of the jewelry is coated with a special substance which acts like a lamination or protective layer on the plating and keeps it well protected and long lasting.

The credit of the growth and prosperity of our company not only is for our dedication and hard-work but also for the love and loyalty of our customers to whom we are ever thankful.